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Our philosophy is simple:

 The happier the dogs are, the happier everyone is. 


So, for over 20 years, we have offered AWARD-WINNING, SAFE, and COMFORTABLE care for our clients. Our boarding includes ALL DAY PLAY and 4 OUTSIDE WALKS per day. Dogs either sleep in playrooms with their best buddies or in their own run. No crates, except by request and lots and lots of soft cushy beds.  Your pet is monitored 24 hours per day by us, and the playroom cameras can be watched day and night. Veterinarians recommend us and use us. 


Our rates are $5 more per day during the holidays simply because of the overtime and the number of staff needed on holiday. Our staff is experienced, with most having been a part of our operation 10-15 years! All are highly experienced dog handlers and lovers. ❤️  If you’d like a bath or groom before picking up your dog, just let us know.

Shop and compare!

Holiday rates:

1 dog $65 per day

2 dogs $100 per day

$5 less for tiny dogs and $5 more for huge dogs

November 22nd thru December 1st December 22nd thru January 1st



- Katelyn Chiles

"They always take great care of our pup! Our dog is very shy but loves the Cleverdog staff. She gets a little nervous still when we take her to get groomed but the groomers do a great job to make her feel comfortable. And they do a great job with her!"


We are inside the beltway off East-West Highway:

3 miles from downtown Bethesda

1 mile from the middle of Chevy Chase, and 

1 mile from the Silver Spring metro.

Need additional Info call us today! 301-587-5820

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