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For more than a decade I've been delighted with the quality and the kindness of Donna and her grooming team at Cleverdog. As someone who tends to own heavy coated breeds (currently two collies) excellence in grooming and kind, gentle handling of the dog during the experience are critical to me and that is what I have experienced consistently with these excellent folks. Even my new and timid rescues have felt safe and emerged beautiful in these skilled hands. Nan


Clever Dog Grooming is top notch. I know that my dogs will be well cared for, their doggie dignity respected and that they will come back looking picture perfect every time. I love the owners and technicians at Clever Dog and my pups, Teddy and Daisy do too. We've been regular clients for over 10 years. Wouldn't consider another Grooming Salon!! Sandy

Our poodle has been groomed at Clever Dog for 13.5 years. A lifetime! We have always been delighted with his beautifully proportioned cuts, which attract "ooohs" and "aaahs" from passers by on our walks. Rowley often has a spring in his step for a couple of weeks after his day at CleverDog. Thank you, Donna, and staff for treating our boy with love and respect, always. Linda

We have been taking our field spaniels to Cleverdog to be groomed for the past nine years. Cleverdog was recommended to us by a local field spaniel breeder who had her dogs groomed there before taking them in the show ring. Many field spaniel exhibitors would fly their dogs into to be groomed at Cleverdog. The groomers are friendly and highly knowledgable. Cleverdog grooming exhibits a high degree of professionalism, communicating with their customers in a warm manner. Every aspect of the grooming experience for both owner and dog are pleasant and I highly recommend Cleverdog for dog grooming. Dianne

I highly recommend Cleverdog. My dogs have been going to their daycare and groomers for over 12 years. My Corgis are happy and excited to go there for the day, and they’re well socialized and tired when they come home. The groomers have been great and very easy to work with. This is the only place where I’ve boarded my dogs overnight, and both the dogs and I have been satisfied. Thanks to Jean, Donna, and their staffs!!

Jean, Ben and I are thrilled that Clever Dogs is so close. Our two Bassets love going there for "doggy day care" The place is so clean, the staff so accommodating. When we board them overnight for our vacations we are worry free knowing that on our return we'll have two happy pups who just had their baths their nails trimmed. Thanks, Jean & Jim

I've been bringing my 10-year old West Highland White Terrier Lola Falana to Cleverdog since she was 8 weeks old. The staff is attentive and caring with not only Lola but ALL the dogs. I can't think of any other facility that goes above and beyond to ensure the dogs are happy and well adjusted. On one occassion I dropped off my dog and after looking at her -- knowing that she wasn't her usual self -- they told me they thought she might be dehydrated. My little girl suffers from a sensitive digestive system and she was having a bout at the time. I took her to a nearby animal hospital and they immediately put her on fluids because she was in fact dehydrated. All the people who work at Cleverdog LOVE dogs and care about the welfare of dogs. The owner works with some of the local shelters to try and get some of their pets new homes. Cleverdog has "quiet" areas where some of their more senior dogs can relax and take a slower pace. They have cameras installed in the play areas so patrons can check in on their canine children from time to time. They offer not only doggie daycare but overnight boarding as well as grooming services. Anyone using Cleverdog to watch after their pets can rest assured the staff is caring and has the best interest of the dog in mind at all times Kim, Happy Cleverdog Patron for 10 years ...and Lola, the dog :)

I wholeheartedly recommend Cleverdog. Staff is caring and focused and with their care my two border collies have thrived many years. Staff know each dog individually and provide a loving opportunity for dogs to have safety, fun and rest. Cleverdog boarding also is tops!

My name is Augie and when I can’t go to work with my people I come to CleverDog to play with my friends. It is really fun but for some reason I always need a very long nap after I have been at CleverDog.                                

My husband and I have bring our dogs to Cleverdog forever. They love it there. They start barking when we get nearby and pull us through the front door. Jean in the daycare and boarding area, is wonderful, knowledgeable, and kind. A real dog whisperer. And her business partner Donna is the finest groomer we've ever had. GO THERE! YOU"LL LOVE IT!
R&L, Bethesda

We tried all the daycares, and this one is definitely the best. Wide open and clean. And the overnight kennels are huge! These ladies really know what they're doing. My wife always says you can tell that they are all about the dogs, not the money. Hear, hear!
K&G, Chevy Chase

Mary Alice and I are always very happy to recommend Cleverdog to those seeking a doggy daycare. Thanks again for all your years of taking care of our boys! Rick & Mary Alice

Dear Jean-
I love Clever Dog and recommend it to anyone who is looking for doggie day care. Just why do I love it you ask....

  • The staff is great, caring and pleasant.

  • They take the dogs out to take care of their "business" as soon as they are dropped off.

  • They actually take the dogs OUTSIDE to do their business...a huge plus.

  • During nice weather they open the doors so the front rooms are ventilated with outdoor air. That has to be a significant deterrent to the spread of respiratory disorders and bugs...another huge plus.

  • Dogs are "assigned" to rooms that correspond with their activity levels.

  • They don't have toys for dogs to fight over (like mine is known to do), but they do have slides and boxes that the dogs can climb on and "baskets" for the ones who want to rest (if they can get to them before 1-2 basset hounds squeeze as much of themselves in them as possible).

  • I have never used C.D. groomers because I have had the same groomer for years, but if she retires I would take my cocker, Daniel Spaniel, to the C.D, groomers in a heartbeat.Last word...Long live Jean, Hilda, Mary and all the wonderful staff and dogs at Clever Dog!!!- Susan

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