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The time restrictions for the Stewart Avenue cut through will be removed effective this Monday August 20, 2018. The vehicle type and weight restrictions will remain in place.

Various members of the business community met with County Executive, Ike Leggett, on August 6th to outline the detrimental impact the restrictions were having on many of the businesses with documented losses of anywhere from 10% to 50%. As a result, the County Executive decided to remove the time restrictions. The weight restrictions remain and there will be a new speed limit of 15 mph. We also expect other measures to be put in place before the start of the school year, including increased enforcement.

A very special thanks to Jane Redicker from the Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce for coordinating the meeting with the County Executive and the following folks who participated in the meeting and shared their story:

Cherie Hope & Caroline Brown - Silver Stars Gymnastics

Debra Harrison - Atmosphere Lighting

Hilary Krubsack - Claridge House

Jean Redmond - Cleverdog

Jeremy Hinds - Party Warehouse

Tim Giles & Gary Bowman - TW Perry

Leonor Chavez & Mark Mendez - residents of Rosemary Hills

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